Punachem Announces "Harmony Enterprise" Project on EHS Conf.
February 22nd, 2008 - Shanghai, China - Punachem Liangyungang plant specialized in pharmaceutical custom manufacturing and specialty chemicals, held its 1st annual EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) Conference on Feb 19th in Lianyungang, Jiangsu Province.

As a research-driven and market-focused company, Punachem assists its local and global partners in lowering the cost of industrial materials by providing cost-effective and efficient outsourcing solutions. Punachem actively manages EHS as an integral part of its business, operations and practices. Punachem has an Environment Management System in accordance with ISO14001, and implement a Health and Safety Management System in accordance with OHSAS18001. Both systems are integrated and audited and reviewed periodically.

Fully committed to its social responsibilities, a new project named "Harmony Enterprise"announced to be launched in this conference. Aiming to establish itself as a premier chemical corporation, Punachem will carry out comprehensive EHS check system, including environmental protection, health protection, work and process safety, product stewardship safety, emergency management and transport safety. All member of Punachem EHS Committee attended this two-day conference.

Dr. Xiao Ying, Chairman of EHS committee commented, "We believe EHS management is our responsibility to the world we live, and it is vital to sustainable development to our company. The Harmony Enterprise project exemplifies our commitment to delivering cost-effective outsourcing services through establishing an environmental-friendly chemical corporation. China's cost advantage does not come from making products in a heavy polluting way and cutting corners in human resource safety."
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