Punachem operates two manufacturing plants in Yangtze Delta, east China. Both of them are equipped with state-of-art facilities including glass lined or stainless steel reactors, filtration and drying equipment, and quality control rooms. Safety and environmental controls, including water treatment, are implemented throughout the operation. Lianyungang plant is in compliance with SFDA standards. Some additional highlights include:

Total reactor capacity: 480 cubic meters
Reaction temperature handling capability: -30ˇăC to 250ˇăC
Reaction pressure handling capability: 500Pa to 10MPa
Quality system: ISO9001:2001
EHS system: ISO 14001 and OSHAS18001

Shangyu plant
polyurethane and nylon products
Lianyungang Plant
Pharma & Specialty Chemicals
Polymer intermediates
Specialty chemicals
Pharma Intermediates
Custom Manufacturing
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